Plastic pollution – help stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation

Eight million metric tons of plastic pollution is leaking into our oceans every year. This cannot continue.

Plastic pollution is everywhere, from beaches in Indonesia to the remotest Arctic, it is silently choking our planet. Plastic has contaminated the soil, rivers and oceans. Many of us are doing our part to reduce plastic pollution by recycling and reducing single-use items, but it’s just not enough. Governments must step up to take accountability and end this plastic pollution epidemic.

Join the fight against plastic pollution – how can you help?

Plastic Oceans have written a comprehensive guide talking about how we can make a difference by starting tackling our plastic habits. Download the guide from the Plastic Oceans website to understand the science and how we can live with less single-use plastic consumption.

Make the switch from plastic to bottle milk

Glass bottle deliveries are booming as the British public rediscovers the joy of a fresh pint on the doorstep with growing concern if the environmental effect single use plastics are having on our planet. Environmental activists and media such as Blue Planet II on the BBC  has helped spark a revival in doorstep milk delivery and the fight against plastic. It’s not just individual households that are starting to think more responsibly about single-use plastic, businesses and local school have recently made the switch to glass milk bottles to cut down its plastic footprint.

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