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Register and find your local milkman

Registering your detail is easy and helps Dairydrop to customise your weekly milk delivery. You will be presented with a choice of three local dairies providing choice and diversity of products.


Select your dairy essentials

Once registered, choose a local dairy – select your favourite diary products and choose preferred delivery days for your milk delivery.


Choose your preferred delivery days

One time setup – then enjoy fresh milk and a variety of dairy products including milk delivery straight to your doorstep – and by using bottles you’ll be helping to reduce the carbon footprint.


Taking doorstep milk delivery digital

Our state of the art app connects customer all over the UK with local dairy providers – bringing a wide variety of dairy products straight to your doorstep. Customise your milk delivery on a weekly basis using our bespoke user-friendly platform designed with the customer at heart. Every time a change is made the dairy will receive notification instantly to ensure you have full control of your weekly doorstep delivery.


The dairies offer milk delivery and much more..

Doorstep milk delivery is back!*

Milkmen in floats used to be a common sight around the UK, delivering their glass bottles to communities up and down the country. Then, in the 1990s, supermarkets switched to cheaper plastic bottles and drove many of them out of business.

With the combination of local dairies leading the fight on single plastics and forward thinking technology companies such as Dairydrop, the future has never looked brighter for the dairy industry. Positive steps towards reducing the carbon footprint with the return of the plastic bottles, and dairies looking to leapfrog the rather large middle man by brining milk delivery back to the doorstep, just like in the good old days.

*Acknowledgement: The Guardian | WWF


Dairydrop – a technology specialist working in partnership with the dairies UK wide

Providing the consumer with opportunity to easily order products via a user friendly app with the ability to update ad-hock and receive fresh local produce every week.

The local dairies

With this growing concern over plastic pollution rises, a pint-sized revolution has begun and people are swapping there plastic for bottled milk ensuring to reduce their carbon footprint.

With more established firms like McQueens Dairies joining the revolution combined with a whole host of smaller family run dairies and farms shops the demand for the return of glass milk bottles is building up pace.


Products that dairies are supplying in the UK

  • Whole milk | Semi-Skimmed | Skimmed
  • Soy Milk | Lactose Free Milk | Other lactose free products
  • Bread | Milk | Cheese | Butter | Yogurt
  • And many more…


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